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Date Joined: 12/9/2012 Last Updated: 12/9/2012
Living in: palakkad, India
Hometown: keral, India
Birthday: 29 October
Cooking Level: Beginner

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i love cooking eating and serving..i enjoy food...
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Reem123 Saudi Arabia
Love cooking and baking
rahmo dahir
i am somalian grill and i need to Lear howto ckook
lbritt Milwaukee, USA
I love sweet food, southern food, hot food, coffee... more
Do people cook for valentine's???
Posted recently on Cooking forum
well well well. Valentines dinner is much fun at home. Ah, huggs n kisses n love bites n nibbles while u cook. It makes the more
cooking for money
Posted recently on Cooking forum
Hi guys , im here in ballarat along with many students away from home and we aee hoping to find a lady to cook us.. anythin more
How to contact the dietetician ? I only have 5 weeks to loose about 10 kilos !!!
Posted recently on Dieting and Health forum
well done on your progress! more
Special Arabic Coffee with Rose Water
Posted by: MaMa Reem
Maamoul of Easter
Posted by: JasminaCZ
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