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3 reviews of Shish Barak with Yoghurt   Posted by: dianak
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Reviewed by: ToumW3ara2
Date 15/3/2012
Here is how my Grandma and mum do it: a- the Yoghurt must be from goat milk, b- No need for starch with goat milk c- we don't have it with rice. d- we don't bake the dumpling e- we use mint instead of coriander On the cooking steps: 6: we don't bake the dumpling 7: goat milk yogurt should not be strained, we just boil the yogurt, and then add as much water and boil the mix. 8: should be done in parallel with 7, we fry the garlic and dried mint and then add to the boiling water and yoghurt mix after that starts boiling. 9: add the dumpling to the mix, and wait until it's boiling, and leave it boiling for 15 mins. 10: serve as a dumpling soupe, (no rice etc). pickled olives are nice on the side.
Reviewed by: maria
Date 30/12/2011
Reviewed by: Nancy :)
Date 27/10/2010
I love it, we just add pines with the ground meat stuffing and not nutmeg. both are good choices. :)
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