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Drinks to wake you up, calm you down, heat you up or cool you down. Discover our drinks collection for top recipes of warming hot chocolate to refreshing lemonade to many other great middleeastern and international drinks.
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Posted by: Norah.A
Sahlab drink made with unsweetened almond milk
(1) reviews
Posted by: mianchishti
Chickoo choconut milkshake, here’s a protein booster, a smashing combination of ingredients th more
(0) reviews
Avocado Smoothie recipe
Posted by: Reem_
My Favorite creamy breakfast
(0) reviews
Soy milk smoothie recipe
Posted by: Reem_
Delicious, refreshing and makes a healthy filling breakfast.
(0) reviews
Ayran Drink recipe
An easy to prepare drink with a refreshing yet salty taste that makes it i more
(1) reviews
khoshaf: dried fruits compote recipe
Posted by: Nancy :)
A dessert made of dried fruits soaked in apricot juice and decorated with more
(0) reviews
Qamar el din drink recipe
Posted by: Nancy :)
Qamar ed-deen is apricot paste, spread in sheets and sundried. To prepare more
(0) reviews
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Reviewed by Reem_
Those were the best maakarouns i''ve ever made! This is my third batch this month and everyone''s raving about them! Tha more
Reviewed by Sara0046
Tried this yesterday, they are soooo yummy!! Great recipe and easy to make!
Reviewed by MaryamM
Thank you! My family enjoyed your recipe at Iftar this evening :)
Reviewed by shah
simple but yet tasty.easy to prepare.i just add cumin,ginger and corriander powder to the marinate to make it taste stro more
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