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Sandwiches are a great choice for a filling bite on the run. This top collection gives you a variety of ideas to make your own sandwich with chicken, meat, cheese or any ingredient you prefer. Just wrap it, pack it and eat it any time.
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Gourmet Cheese Burger recipe
Posted by: Sweet Butterfly
(1) reviews
Croque Monsieur recipe
Posted by: Amal
(0) reviews
Posted by: Oum el Baneen
tuna and cheese on brown bread with tasty toppings
(0) reviews
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Reviewed by Lisamaria
I love this recipe. ..thank you
Reviewed by Naty
it''s a quick easy healthy tasty recipe
Reviewed by amalalkamel
My family and I love this recipe so much! It is unique and so tasty.
Reviewed by louie
great! although a little simplistic
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