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Gulf cuisine, shared by several Arab countries and is hailed by its emblematic and elaborate Kabse dish. This recipe consists of rice and any of meat, chicken, fish or vegetables and a rich spice mix that gives it a remarkable taste. Discover also a top selection of Gulf recipes for appetizers and other dishes available to you in this collection.
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Homemade Mandi Chicken recipe
Posted by: Beirutieh
One of the famous Yamani dishes in the gulf is Mandi chicken. The Yamani M more
(4) reviews
Mechwi Jader- Upside down rice and vegetable cake recipe
Posted by: Dorar el Bahrain
This is a typical dish from Bahrain. We do it a lot during the holy month more
(2) reviews
easy to cook and yummy
(0) reviews
Leek Samosa recipe
Posted by: Oum el Baneen
(1) reviews
Best Qasseemy Mataziz recipe
Posted by: Beirutieh
Al-Qasseem is a Saudi province, located northwest of Riyadh. It is famous more
(0) reviews
Al Haneena- Saudi dates sweet recipe
Posted by: Beirutieh
This delicious dessert, from Al Kaseem region in Saudi Arabia, is served d more
(1) reviews
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Reviewed by MaryamM
Thank you! My family enjoyed your recipe at Iftar this evening :)
Reviewed by shah
simple but yet tasty.easy to prepare.i just add cumin,ginger and corriander powder to the marinate to make it taste stro more
Reviewed by sueweb
I believe that should be no rice in the stuffing. For the stuffing, you mix the sauteed onion, cooked ground beef and pi more
Reviewed by maria
great recipe, but the sugar was too little, I think you need 4 spoons of white sugar/8 of brown sugar. otherwise great!
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