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Fiona's  Beirut
Reviewed by ralphc
I am sorry to say, I have never been mistreated, insulted and humiliated in my life like tonight at Fiona''s I honestly do not know where to start! The floor manager Roland has an attitude, he is rude, he disrespects me my guests and my fiance. The food took almost an hour to arrive amongst a long list of complaints... ! Not to mention treating us like beggars because we bought online coupons from Scoopcity for this place!! We came for dinner and never thought we would be eaten ourselves by mosquitoes! I am never coming back to this place and I don’t advise it to anyone! there are hundreds of upscale Italian restaurants in Beirut you could go to... I have written a complaint to the management and I will be hopeful in the event of a reply from the restaurant’s side and will update this review but will consider avoiding my mail an act of negligence similar to the attitude of the restaurant’s floor manager Roland! more
Universal Snack  Beirut
Reviewed by Nichola
Good Restaurant
restaurant addresses out of Beirut
Posted recently on Eating Out forum
I have eaten a delicious and cheap meal at Al Mash'our outside Rashaya.
I should like to have other restaurant addresses i
Image vs quality of food!!!
Posted recently on Eating Out forum
This two was important,,,I need to choose both of them because image and quality of the food that we eat is what we always more
How much tip and when to tip
Posted recently on Eating Out forum
For me i will give for what bill i have and it should not be so small it depend on the service.... more
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